Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dont listen to morons on forums for seo

"People who are good at seo just dont have the time to go on forums"

Try not to listen to anything a seo guru tells you on a seo forum, because basically there strategy to get clients doesn't really consist of seo (because they don't know how to do it) they just plan on getting a couple thousand posts to look automatically "expert"... they are just looking for forum traffic for customers! If they are so good at seo they wouldn't have the time and wouldn't even bother wasting there effort on another persons forum but would instead create a seo campaign to get to number one for a seo term to get customers that way... but i guess they don't know how.

So just because a person have thousands of posts on a forum it doesn't all ways mean that they are clever... far from it.

They may also try to scare people into not doing seo so they can get more customers....LOL

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Where else to find seo advise

If you haven't found what your looking for on our blog why not head over to this top 10 tips blog. Includes priceless information on seo and internet marketing that may prove really useful in your campaigns and help you start making money on the internet as if you don't know how it can take a lot of mistakes to finally get going and making money..so its always better to know the mistakes first so you don't need to go through the long process of finding out what works and what doesn't.

How to do seo the right way

There are right and wrong ways to do seo. I have lots of experience and have learnt alot both from other people and through mistakes. (seo is ever changing so something that worked once may not work again that is why it is necessary to know the fundamental things to do for seo and what search engines are looking for. Knowing this will mean your website will always be on top because these methods never get penalized and are stable forever with no risk involved.

Right now i have said that i will do a run down of do key aspects of seo that are fundamental and will never get penalized.

Good, unique content.. i say good but if you are just doing it for search engine bots than it could be complete nonsense... however google does have manual reviewers and if they see nonsense they will deindex you. That being said it is always a good idea to make readable good quality content so not to risk anything.

Relevant back links.... obviously someone is gaming the search engines system if all there back link aren't anything about the topic of there website..

There are just 2 example of what is needed for seo... i will post about even better ways soo so stick around.